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IT, Telematics & Multimedia 

We offer consulting, services, products & complete solutions
in the areas of information technology, telephony, networks, computers, graphics, audio, media & video. We create entire businesses within minutes - using virtualisation technologies.

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Good solutions need excellent planning

Reliable & Fast

Clients that choose us get superior service, efficient solutions, we adapt to your schedule and our operation center works 24/7

Multilingual & Global

We are very proud to be a truly global company, to have a multicultural and social diverse staff with very different, highly specialized skills. We strive to deliver the best experience to clients wherever they are located.

Qualified Staff

Our team of highly qualified proffesionals has garnered the reputation as a world-class provider of business solutions.



Our Team communicates internally in English but our customer support is available in fluent French, German, Romanian and Russian reflecting our multicultural  and social diversity


Every Team member has qualifications in at least two languages, a university degree in information technology, vendor certification or/and other serious credentials


We are not only available during opening hours from Monday to Friday but operate a 24/7 hotline for our customers with according service level agreements and monitor our network resources


Our audio, video, graphic and photo specialists are experienced creative artists who have created photo catalogs, video documentaries, composed music and many more


We create hybrid Microsoft/Linux environments using the advantages of a multitude of advanced technologies that we combine into an integrated, easy to use high performance global system


We design solutions based on known and reliable hardware/software with excellent records. Technology standards evolve permanently and we always plan one step ahead for the future.

Focus on your core business,

let us care about IT, Telephony & Multimedia

show cases

Our business operates a car repair, painting and body shop in north-western Switzerland. All our core IT equipment is located in a datacenter and managed by Inoworks. If we encounter problems, we call Inoworks 24/7 and they remotely troubleshoot the issue in minutes.
Car workshop
We are a subsidiary of a company producing abrasives. We are mostly on the road visiting our customers. Inoworks operates a call center that deals with all our phone calls, registers the orders and connects callers to the staff on the road - if required.
From Basel, Switzerland
We produce school uniforms in Asia. We provided Inoworks with the clothes, each school uniform was presented by a model, depicted and we got practically a catalog ready for print.
UK Uniforms, Bratislava
We were a startup business and needed a new, visually interesting and professional looking website. We had a budget under 2000 USD and we got a marvelous site in under 3 weeks that we can entirely administrate ourselves.
Andrew Dames
Business Owner